Treatment4-280pxDeep Tissue Massage or Deep Muscle Therapy

Deep Muscle Therapy as it was called by Canadian Therese Pfrimmer was a technique I learned 25 years ago. It nowadays tends to be called Deep Tissue Massage. This therapy works on the second and third layers of muscle that is usually missed by regular massage. Muscles can become damaged through overwork strain or injury, even dehydration.

This therapy aims to ease muscles so normal blood flow can be maintained, having a benefitical (beneficial) effect on the nervous system. By allowing the blood flow to circulate more efficiently and carry more vitamins, oxygen, minerals and lymph. Lymph is a fluid that also lubricate muscles and prevents them from sticking to neighbouring muscle fascia and connective tissue.

This technique works across the muscle , so we can very quickly establish where a problem is occurring. Therese Pfrimmer was reported to say “A Chiropractor can put bones in place, but if the muscles are still somewhat loose and pliable there’s no question adjustment can help” , “without fresh oxygenated blood, the muscles can’t respond to the nerve impulses. So you can adjust the spine all day long and still have back problems”, “the secret of correcting back problems is to release your muscles and let fresh oxygenated blood flow into them. That’s what deep muscle therapy is all about” (The Health View Newsletter Number 21- 1979)

Treatment1-280pxManual Lymphatic drainage (MLD)

“One’s first response to pain is to apply a healing hand”

The lymphatic system is one of the major systems that keep the body healthy.  It’s larger than the blood system. Its role is to remove toxins and bacteria, excess fluids, waste product from tissue cells. Regular cleansing with this process maintains the health (integrity) of the soft tissues. This therapy has a cleansing-rejuvenating-energising function throughout the body.

The small bean like structures called “nodes” are throughout the body, it is they who filter and cleanse the fluid travelling to the nodes, and waste is removed in the nodes and passed out of the body through the alimentary canal.

The lymphatic nodes very important role is creating immunity and storage and maturing of B and T cells used in the immune response to infections and illness

The system is affected by stress, tiredness, chemical overload and illness. Flow to the nodes is impeded, as is the maturation of B and T cells, and their transportation. This then creates a stagnant tissue environment. Health complications can then occur.

This manual Lymphatic therapy reactivates the production and transportation of immunocompetent cells. Plus reabsorbing excess fluid by the venous system.

So conditions such as, cellulitis, post surgery pain, bruising and oedema, stress, congestive chest condition, headaches, chronic pain, removal of lymph nodes all can be helped with this therapy.

Treatment2-280pxHot Stone Therapy massage

“Bring balance back into our daily lives using electromagnetic energy existing in all things”

Heated stones are used for the massage. The stones are used in pairs and move over the body.This creates warmth to the muscle tissue that penetrates deep into those into those muscle fibres.Very beneficial for fibromyalgia, polymyalgia sufferers.

Also for chronic fatigue symptoms and people who want to benefit from massage style but don’t like the touch of hands on massage.

I do two different stone practices.

One using only heated stones for an hour session while the second technique is the full body therapy of an hour and a half and uses cooled stones as well. It is a spa type treatment. With this longer technique a balance is bought to the body by the duality or hot and cold stones.

When we heat or cool the body we challenge this balance by asking the body to correct the temperature.

The heated stones applied to the body create vasodilatation widening the blood vessels, this increases blood circulation allowing an opportunity for more oxygen to be used within the blood system. Oxygen promotes a positive healing response.

Lymphatic function increases, cell metabolism increases. Using cooled stones creates vaso constriction, blood vessels narrow, causing blood to flow away from an area. Helps with reducing inflammation.

Breathing rates increases bringing more oxygen into the body. A natural pain relief substance is released into the blood stream having an analgesic effect on the body.

Treatment3-280pxEmotional Freedom Technique E.F.T

E.F.T is not a massage technique. But it does provide relief from a wide range of physical symptoms.

It is like an emotional acupuncture, I tap with the fingertips to stimulate meridian point, while the client is “tuned in” to the problem.

The existing theory is that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”. The subtle energies that circulate throughout the body have been upset of short circuited. WE lose energy and sprit. We succumb to fear, low energy or simply don’t do something as a perceived fear prevents us.

There is a clear link between our physical ailments and our emotional issues.

Freedom from emotional trauma and physical pain, including post traumatic stress disorders. Freedom from soul destroying phobias, fear of flying, crowds, spiders, heights, public speaking. Freedom from addictive, cravings, anxiety, negative behaviours that sabotage our achieving our fullest potential. After one session you can work on yourself, with a take home information sheet.

One session the rest is up to you. So empowering!

Treatment4-280pxMedical Massage for joint replacement surgery

Pre surgery therapy for muscle balance/conditioning.

After surgery inflammation relief with gentle Lymphatic Therapy.

Designed to reduce the pain of inflammation.

Reduce oedema from operation site.

Increase healing response

Reduce recovery time

Reduce pain

This special time for treatment is in your home during this time.

Treatment Prices


Half hour $60
3/4 hour $75
1 hour $80
1.5 hours $120

Manual Lymphatic Therapy

1 hour $85

Hot Stones Therapy

1 hour $85
1.5 hours $130

Vouchers are available.