Hi, I’m Christine.

I think the word that best represents the way I work would be “Holistic”. I try to find out through muscle therapy what else is going on.

After a homebirth in 1977 following the teachings of French pediatrician Dr Frederick LeBoyer in his book “Birth without Violence” and experiencing a most beautiful calm birth, I found another book by him “Loving Hands” documenting an Indian lady sitting in a doorstep massaging her baby on the streets of Calcutta. I followed these techniques with my first born starting when he was a month old. I practiced everyday with him! It was a wonderful experience which I followed with my subsequent babies.

In 1989 I was asked to undertake a massage course with Northland Natropathic College called “Deep Tissue Massage”. It satisfied my fascination with skin and what lies beneath. I practiced and practiced on children and friends until 1991 when I went into business in the Far North.

In 2003 now in Katikati I set up a room upstairs at Cherrycourt where I remain still.

In 2005 after attending a workshop at the NZ Massage Assn conference I booked a Manual Lymphatic Therapy course with Jill Griffiths from Melbourne. This two part course was completed in that year. Part one in Auckland, Part two in Melbourne.

In 2006 in took a Hot Stone Therapy Massage course with a teacher who had been taught by Mary Scrivener (USA), the originator of this very new therapy technique.

In 2012 I undertook by distance learning from Holistic Health Ltd, Nelson – Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology for Holistic Bodyworkers.

I am a current member of the NZ Massage Association.